Our Additional services

Nautical Pools is much more than a pool design and installation provider.

We are pleased to be a full-service company; offering virtually all services that you will need in connection with your pool installation and surrounding pool area.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Concreting: Choosing and installing the concrete material surrounding your pool is essential to the safety of you and your swimmers. We will provide recommendations that offer maximum protection.
Pool fencing: In accordance with Council laws, you must have protective fencing around your pool. We will help you with fencing selection that is attractive, suits the area surrounding it and is legally compliant.
Landscaping: Landscaping touches around a pool area can beautifully accentuate your new pool. We offer landscaping options for every taste and style.
Paving: We offer a variety of paving options that will complement your new pool and any existing installations.
Spas: Want to add a relaxing in-pool or above-ground spa to your entertaining area? We have a variety to choose from. Ask to view our selection.
Water features: A beautiful way to add a touch of drama to your pool. You can browse a sampling of our water features on the Completed Pools page.