Frequently Asked Questions

For most people, a swimming pool is a significant investment. Naturally, you may have a few questions about your pool purchase. The experienced team at Nautical Pools are here to help.

Browse our frequently asked questions regarding pool installation and feel free to get in touch if we can help answer any other questions you may have.


How much will it cost for an in-person quote from Nautical Pools?

Nautical Pools is pleased to provide a FREE on-site visit and FREE price quotes for your new swimming pool and any additions such as landscaping, fencing and concreting. You'll also want to ask us about our complete pool installation packages.

Call us today and let's get started.

I have a small backyard. Will I be able to fit a pool into it?

We have many pool plans that are specifically designed to suit small blocks and backyards. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation site visit, so that we can personally inspect the site and discuss your various options.

My backyard is sloped. Can you work with a sloped site?

We have worked on many pool projects that are on sloping sites. In extreme cases, engineered retaining walls may be advised; however, this is relatively rare in the Central West of NSW.

Since sloping degrees can vary, we will get a better idea of the best options for you at the time of your free site visit.

Do I need to hire separate tradespeople for plumbing, electrical and landscaping services for a new pool project?

Nautical Pools will be happy to oversee the entire project for you.

The fact that we are a one-stop-shop saves you the hassle and inconvenience by including all services in one price.
We will conduct your site preparation and excavation, install all required plumbing to and from the pool and install all electrical work.

We also handle concreting, paving, landscaping and more. When you schedule your free site visit, you may wish to prepare ahead of time by making notes of everything that you would like to have done.

I am planning to use my pool for swimming laps, not for entertaining such as pool parties or gatherings. What kind of pool would work best for me?

If you are only interested in a swimming pool for laps and exercise, you may want to consider a narrower model. Such pools are aesthetically pleasing, leave you with ample garden space, and allow you to swim laps to your heart's content.

Have a question that you don't see listed here? Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation site visit and quote.