Swimming Pool Designs

Featuring designs that offer personality and versatility, in conjunction with Harvest Pools and Masterbuilt Pools, Nautical Pools’ wide range of pool styles, colours and finishes will answer all of your needs.

Our experienced team members will assist you in selecting a pool size, style, design and structure that is ideal for whatever your pool purpose may be; from family fun to intense lap swimming; from eye-catching backyard centrepiece to casual elegance.

The time has finally arrived to begin turning your pool dreams into a reality – and we are here to help each step of the way.

Call Nautical Pools today to schedule your free site visit and price quote appointment.

Electric Grey Shimmer
Sandstone Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Sandstone Shimmer
Alphine White — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Alphine White
Royal Jade Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Royal Jade Shimmer
Royal Blue Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Royal Blue Shimmer
Indigo Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Indigo Shimmer
Ocean Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Ocean Shimmer
Pacific Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Pacific Shimmer
Midnight Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Midnight Shimmer
  Electric Grey Shimmer — Nautical Pools in Dubbo, NSW
Electric Grey Shimmer

Harvest Pools

Australian-owned and based in Newcastle NSW, Harvest Pools is a leading pool supplier. They provide us with an extensive range of in-ground fibreglass pools in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that suit all pool uses and budgets.

Many of these pools come with essential safety features such as full-length safety ledges and handles, and a non-slip finish, steps and swim outs.

Backed by a 25-year structural warranty, Harvest Pools allows us to offer you premium quality swimming pools at reasonable prices.
Ask to see our excellent selection of pools that are supplied by Harvest Pools.

Nautical Pools is experienced when it comes to installing these stunning pools and can provide everything you need to complete your pool area including excavation and land preparation, plumbing, landscaping, fencing, paving and more.

Masterbuilt Pools

As one of Australia’s leading fibreglass pool manufacturers and designers, Masterbuilt Pools is committed to providing modern and functionally designed pools to Nautical Pools.

They use only quality raw materials and their designer-inspired colour finishes are individually formulated with various sizes and pigments to create unique experiences in different kinds of light; resulting in an impressive display.

Masterbuilt Pools’ mission is the same as ours; to provide you with a stylish, functional, well-built pool that will last a lifetime.

With a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colours from which to choose, be sure to ask to see our Masterbuilt Pools collection.